Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris

This is something I have done recently so thought it would be a good place to start!

A trip to Disneyland Paris is extremely easy to book and I feel best through the Disneyland Paris website. There are a number of other websites that you can book through but I’ve never found a better deal than the ones Disney offer themselves.

So here’s my step by step guide on how we book our trips to DLP…

Decide when you wanna visit

Me and my besties went to DLP in February of this year, and we have booked again to go Feb 2019. Honestly I have no clue why we pick February, its FREEZING, but its just how it always seems to end up for us!

You need to consider holidays that may be on, so if you wanna see the special Halloween decorations and events, or Christmas/New Years. If you need/want to go during schoool holidays when its natually going to be a little busier. Or if you’re just going to decide by what deals you find at the time of planning.

How long you go for is really a personal preference. We enjoy having 3 full days, plus the day we arrive and leave, which are normally both half days. You’d be fine with a little shorter, if you wanna do a Friday-Monday for example, but I wouldn’t say you need any longer. We did all the attractions in both parks that we could (some were closed due to the snow!), and we got to meet a ton of characters! Plus we didn’t have to rush around at all.


The castle is beautiful in the snow!

Browse the deals that Disney are offering

My friends and I weren’t even discussing possibly going back to Disneyland Paris next year, but then I was just browsing the website and saw that they had a great deal on! FREE Dining. When I looked into it, this meant we could pay the same amount we paid for this years trip to go for the same amount of time, same hotel but with free breakfast, lunch and dinner. How can you say no to that?

Disney are nearly always offering some sort of deal. Free Dining, Free nights stay, Kids go free, etc… Make sure you look into those and if a deal comes up thats good for you then get it booked within the deadline!

Picking a hotel

I’d always suggest that you stay in a Disney hotel, just because it is SO much easier and you get great perks such as magic hours. DLP have a few hotels you can choose from. Disneyland Hotel, Newport Bay, New York, Sequoia Lodge, Cheyenne, Davy Crockett Ranch, Santa Fe. When picking your hotel you need to consider: your budget, whether you want to be in walking distance to the parks, what kind of hotel style you might want. But all in all its going to come down to your budget. We stayed in Sequoia Lodge this year, and opted for there again next year. For us, the price was good, we liked the style for the time of year we go and its within walking distance to the parks.

The exciting extras

Once you’ve got your date, hotel and deal, its time for the extra bits! Decide on your mode of transport – eurostar or plane. We always go Eurostar just because its easier for us. If you can, get a direct train, but we have also had to change and it wasn’t an issue.

The website will automatically include park tickets for the duration of your stay, for both parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Don’t forget you also have the Disney Village with loads of shops and restaurants.

Then you’ve just got to decide whether you want to do a character meal, add a photo pass, or add a dining plan if that wasn’t your deal when booking. We LOVE doing a character breakfast. It’s in the Disneyland Park, so you’re straight into the magic when you are done with your breakfast and can start your day; you get to meet various characters such a Mickey, Piglet and Eyore; and you can really fill yourselves up for most of the day! We have also done the Buffalo Bill’s dinner, which is SO much fun. The show itself is awesome, they keep it so exciting and get everyone involved but seeing so many characters is a bonus. The food is good too! Better than we expected. I would say the photo pass is good if you’re a fan of ride photos, but when you meet the characters, the cast members are happy to take the photos on your phone too – so paying for the photo pass isn’t always necessary.



Once you have finalised your trip and are happy with everything you’ve selected, its time to add details of everyone going and choosing your payment option. You are able to pay for the whole trip straight away, or you can pay a deposit and then pay the remainder online or over the phone 60 days before your trip! If after you have booked you decide you’d like to add an extra experience such as character dining, then don’t worry you can definitely add that on!

I hope this has helped you a little with booking your trip to Disneyland Paris! It’s honestly so easy when you can do everything through one website, and have one amount to pay. If any of you have any questions, please ask! And I look forward to you joining me again soon for attractions I never want to miss when I visit DLP!

Rachel   x

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