In My Park Bag…

Today I thought I would talk about the things I normally pack in my bag when we visit any parks…

So lets start with the kind of bag I take. Its always some sort of backpack. I have a couple of different ones depending on what I’m wearing or how much I wanna pack that day.


The black one is actually pretty new from Skinny Dip, and the other one is Vans which I ordered from Amazon because I couldn’t find it in any store! And yes they are both Disney themed – of course 🙂 I personally love a backpack because I can always fit everything I need in it, plus they’re the most comfortable for me and I can normally pretty much forget I’m even carrying one around!

My necessities for any trip…

Mobile Phone

  • Don’t forget your phone! I take a lot of my photos on my phone, especially the ones that I wanna upload straight to instagram.
  • I always wanna be able to get hold of the rest of my group, just in case we lose anyone.
  • Plus the apps for any park you attend are SO helpful! The ‘My Disney Experience’ App is a must! There’s park maps, you can add/modify your fastpasses, you can mobile order at some restaurants, you can find photographers for your memory maker, you can view wait times – sooo many great things you can do on there! Plus Universal also have a great app you should definitely download for maps and wait times too. Most parks have wifi so its easy to use your phone without worrying about extra charges on your bill!

Portable Charger

  • When you’re using your phone for all of the above, make sure you bring a good portable charger so you can use it for the whole day. Remember sometimes you might be out from 7am until 1am if you’re crazy like me! Rope Drop to Closing!

Jumper or Waterproof

  • Depending on what time of year you’re visiting, and which park, you may need to pack a jumper for the evening, or a waterproof jacket if theres chances of rain. But don’t fret, if you get unexpected weather, there will always be something you can buy in one of the park shops – and lets be honest, there’s no such thing as too many souvenirs!

Minnie Ears

  • If I’m attending a Disney park, I always have some kind of Disney ears or hat with me. Most of the time this will obviously be on my head, but sometimes it might start off in my bag until we get there.


Medical Bits – in their own little pouch in my bag

  • Plasters – you do sooo much walking around, chances of blisters can be high, even if you’re in the comfiest shoes you own
  • I always have an inhaler because I’m asthmatic, antihistamines and paracetamol
  • Hand sanitiser, a little deodorant, wet wipes
  • Sun cream if you’re somewhere hot!
  • I also always have my Carmex on me, or some kind of lip balm


  • Of course your purse/wallet with money, card, I.D, park ticket, express pass (universal), etc! Don’t forget those important bits!


  • Remember your water bottle, something you can refill, because you can get free water from any restaurant or quick service restaurant – and its important to stay hydrated 😀
  • Plus I always take some snacks because I love having something to munch on when I’m in a long queue lol

That is pretty much everything my bag would definitely have, whether that be any park in Orlando, Disneyland Paris, etc. Plus it normally ends up having some kind of souvenir added to it each day!

Let me know if theres anything you always pack that I’ve forgotten…

Speak soon, Rachel   x

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