Booking Restaurants for DLP

Hey Guys,

Thought I would just make a quick post about booking restaurants for Disneyland Paris as I did mine for our trip in February today.

I’m not gonna lie, I was dreading doing this. Purely because it just seems like such an old fashioned, long way about it. You have to call a French number and do it all over the phone. The issues I have with this…

  1. It adds a fair bit of extra money to your already expensive phone bill (unless you have international minutes on your plan)
  2. You can’t physically see yourself what’s being booked. I’m a control freak and you don’t even get a confirmation email or anything like that to show that the times/dates are correct
  3. You have to call up all over again if you want to modify your booking

However, it was much easier than I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’d 100% still prefer to be able to book via the app, or website or something like that so it’s easier to modify, check, screenshot for your own piece of mind, etc… but it was very easy. When you call the number (+33160304050) there is an option for what language you speak, I hit number 2 for English, I was only on hold for about a minute before somebody answered and she was super helpful and friendly.

I think sometimes we forget that it can be much nicer to deal with an actual person than a computer, even if an app can be easier sometimes. She told me the closing hours of the parks so what times would be best if we wanna work about the fireworks, and she helped me with what restaurants to do with the dining plan that we have available.

I was on the phone for 6 minutes, got 3 restaurants booked, spoke about another restaurant that’s just a walk in, spoke about closing hours and best times to book the table for. I’d say that’s pretty good!

So here’s what we have planned…

Our first day we arrive at 2pm and plan to head straight for Disneyland Park. We then have dinner booked at Captain Jacks. We have booked this for 5pm as we really want to eat there, we’ll probably be hungry from travel so an early dinner is good, and it’s early enough for us to catch the fireworks at 7pm.

Day 2 we have booked The Steakhouse for 7.30pm so after the parks close. That’s in the Disney Village.

Day 3 we have our character breakfast booked at Plaza Gardens, so we knew we would probably want a late dinner after stocking up at the buffet in the morning lol, we were going to book Annette’s Diner but that’s just a walk in, no bookings restaurant. So we’ll just go there after the parks close and wait for a table.

Day 4 we have booked Billy Bob’s Buffet for 8.30pm after the parks close and after the fireworks.

Out of those restaurants we ate at Plaza Gardens for the Character Breakfast, and also went to Annette’s Diner on our last trip, but the others will all be new to us. We are super excited and I can’t wait to gives you all reviews to these restaurants once we have been!

But yeah, the point of this post… if you’re slightly put off by having to call to make your dinner reservations at Disneyland Paris, don’t be! Just do it 🙂 you’ll definitely feel the benefit once you’re there and don’t have to worry!

Speak soon… Rachel x

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