London at Christmas

London at Christmas is magical, maybe not as magical as Disney, but still magical! The lights are beautiful in all the main tourist spots, and there are loads of additional things to do and see.

The places we make sure we visit every year, our favourites, include Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Regent Street, South Bank and Carnaby Street.

Covent Garden

Always has the famous big tree and reindeer, as well as lots of pretty fairy lights to go with their street performers and restaurants. There’s always a great atmosphere at Covent Garden, no matter what time of day, and it’s where you can always find something to eat or drink. We also attended a special show this year, A Christmas Spectacular, at the Theatre Drury Lane. It was amazing! It’s the first time we’ve been and now it’s something I’d definitely like to be able to get tickets for every year. Singing, dancing, crowd involvement… amazing, and it definitely got us into the Christmas mood.

Oxford Street & Regent Street

Oxford Street and Regent Street are the shopping areas in Central London. You can find anything from Topshop to Burberry to Disney Store! And st a Christmas they’re always famous for their lights all the way down these massive roads… oh and their crowds :/ lol.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street blesses us with more stores, but there are also lots of bars and restaurants in the area of Soho. But the thing that makes this street one of my top 3 places to go at Christmas is the way they have a different theme for their Christmas lights every year. I love the fact they’re different every year, and it’s a bit of a surprise to see them. But they’re always a bit random, super colourful and fun. This years lights were based on Queen and the recent film Bohemian Rhapsody! Absolutely nothing to do with Christmas but the lights just looked awesome. Down the side roads we had more colour but with a bit more of a Christmas theme…

Other places to see at Christmas

I’d also suggest visiting South Bank, they always have Christmas Markets and attractions, as well as cute decorations by the main attractions such as the Eye. One of our favourite walks are actually going from South Bank towards London Bridge, walking along the river the entire time, especially quite late at night. It’s quiet, the fairy and Christmas lights look beautiful and the views you get off all the buildings lit up at night is one of my all time favourites.

Harrods is also another famous building to visit at Christmas, and Sloane Square always looks petty too. Hays Gallery is another pretty spot, and St Katherine’s Dock.

Other things to do

There’s lots of popular attractions this time of year in London. Ice Skating is a big one and there’s a ton of places you can do it.. Winter Wonderland, Tower of London, Natural History Museum, Canary Wharf – just to name a few! We’ve done nearly all of them over the last few years and our favourites are definitely Tower of London, Canary Wharf and Somerset House.

Winter Wonderland is a main attraction in itself, rides, ice sculptures, food, Christmas markets. Great for families or if you just fancy a night out as adults.

There’s always great shows on at the West End, special events at some of the cinemas such as the Prince Charles Cinema in Leister Square, or an open top bus tour of all the best Christmas lights.

Honestly, if you’ve never been, London is a great city to visit, but it’s even better at Christmas. If you’re thinking about it, do it. You won’t regret it!

Merry Christmas to you all

Speak Soon, Rachel x

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