WDW Parks – My Must Dos, Must Eats & Tips – Part 3

Hollywood Studios …

…is a great park! I was gonna say “one of my favourite Disney World parks” but then I remembered there’s only 4, and I’d probably say that about all of them lol!

Now a lot has changed since I last visited Hollywood Studios, we’ve seen the opening of Toy Story Land. There is also a lot more to come with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, due to open at WDW late this year, but is Disneyland Resort in California summer of this year!

My Must Do Rides

  • Rock n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith
  • Tower of Terror

Now the couple of times that we have been able to visit a Hollywood Studios, there haven’t been a crazy amount of attractions. But it’s still been a place that you can spend a few hours taking in all the shops and scenery. So first off I wanna talk about the two rides that I cannot miss when I go there… Aerosmith and Tower of Terror. They are both thrill rides.

Aerosmith is a rollercoaster in the dark with an awesome beginning for adrenaline junkies. Tower of Terror is a drop ride. This is the only type of ride that always gives me butterflies whilst queuing. No matter how many times I go on it I still get nervous lol.. I think it’s because of that belly dropping feeling that you get! However, I’d never skip it, I think it one of the most exciting rides at Disney World. And also like I said in my blog about rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris, if you don’t want to ride Tower of Terror and the rest of your group are, then definitely queue up with them because that is an experience in itself! The whole theming of the ride is amazing. Both of these rides I would advise getting fast passes for if you definitely want to ride them.

However, saying that, Toy Story Land is now open. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this yet (hopefully soon… hint hint hubby 😉 ) but I have read a lot about it, watched a lot of videos and I am super excited to get there. It has 3 rides, 1 of which was already at the park… Toy Story Mania. Now I’ve made an error every time I’ve been to Hollywood Studios and never fast passed this ride, then the queue is always massive so we’ve never bothered riding it. However after speaking to people about it, and researching it a little more, I’m gutted I haven’t been on it yet. It sounds super fun and great for all ages, it’s basically a 4D shooting game, but it’s completely different to the Buzz ride over at Magic Kingdom.

Toy Story Land also has the famous Slinky Dog Dash. This is a cute rollercoaster, good for all ages, but apparently not super kiddy, which is great! The queues right now for Toy Story Land are insane, so Hollywood Studios does offer the After Hours for certain days if you wanna check that out. If you are staying on Disney property I would 100% advise booking the rides in Toy Story Land as your fast passes, if they are still available at 30 days for anyone staying off property then definitely do that too! Then you can just rope drop Aerosmith and Tower of Terror, or queue for those throughout the day.

Now Hollywood Studios also has another land opening end of this year, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is going to be madness. People have been waiting for this to happen for years. But it will take some of the heat off Toy Story Land once it opens. I believe this is going to have 2 new rides, and they already have Star Tours.

Must Eats

Here are some of the top foods to try in Hollywood Studios:

  • Carrot cake cookie – which is like a cookie sandwich filled with cream cheese filling
  • Red velvet cupcake – which just sounds perfect
  • Pizza from pizza planet is meant to be delicious and a great quick service meal
  • Fried Chicken – HS has the best fried chicken in all of Disney, located at 50s Prime Time Cafe
  • Turkey Legs – a famous Disney snack

Must Sees

Hollywood Studios may only have a hand full of rides, but they have a ton of great shows and other entertainment! Some of the favourites are:

  • Frozen sing-along
  • Beauty and the Beast – live on stage
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Star Wars: A galaxy far far away
  • Star Wars: a galactic spectacular
  • Disney Movie Magic
  • Fantasmic
  • Indiana Jones

… and that’s just to name a few! A lot of these are very popular, so I would suggest, if you can, spend 2 days at Hollywood Studios, or at least a day and a half. So that you can fast pass rides one day, and shows on the other.

Disney Movie Magic and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular both happen before the park closes on the Chinese Theatre. These are a great end to the day, but like with the other firework shows, if you’ve seen it then this could be a good time to ride something.

Fantasmic is also in the evening, and is definitely one of my favourite shows at Disney World. So many characters are involved and it’s just so exciting, there’s always something to look at.

There are various showings per day of Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones. These are very popular, especially if you have smaller children at Hollywood Studios, or boys/men that might enjoy the action of Indiana Jones!

Tips & Tricks for Hollywood Studios

  • I’d advise heading for Aerosmith and Tower of Terror at rope drop if you managed to get fast passes for Toy Story Land, if you didn’t then head there at rope drop and then you can do the others late
  • You could get an early reservations for Hollywood and Dine, the character dining over at HS. I believe this normally opens an hour before the park, so it’s great to get in early, get some good snaps before it gets too crowded
  • If you wanna sign your kid up for Jedi Training, sign ups happen straight away, so get to the park early to avoid disappointment and make sure it’s not a day where there’s magic hours if you’re not staying on Disney property
  • Like the others, you can bring drinks and snacks into the park
  • Dessert Party’s or Dining packages are always another good way of seeing the fireworks or night shows, like Fantasmic
  • Again, don’t rush out of this park, enjoy walking down Hollywood Boulevard at night when it’s all lit up so beautifully, and check out the shops while the park in clearing out. It will make it a lot more enjoyable when you actually leave and aren’t in the madness of everyone trying to get back

Join me tomorrow for Epcot!

Speak soon… Rachel x

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