WDW Parks – My Must Dos, Must Eats & Tips – Part 4

I’m sorry this is slightly delayed, the last couple days have been crazy.. and this is definitely going to be a short one for me and I’ll tell you why a bit later.. but here it is!


So Epcot is a park I can honestly say I haven’t given enough of my time to. I’ve only visited twice, but both times I’ve just popped in for half a day, done a couple rides, had some food and walked around World Showcase, then watched the fireworks and left. Since watching a ton of YouTube videos about it, and doing my research a little bit more, I wish I had given it more time!

Epcot always has some kind of festival going on, sometimes that might not be something you are really into but they’ll probably have some cool food or something to go along with it so everyone can enjoy.

It’s been Festival of the Holidays both times I’ve visited Epcot, and I’m so annoyed at myself for not taking the time to enjoy it more!

So please, if you are visiting at the time of a festival, especially one that you might be interested in, then please spend time visiting each country in the World Showcase to see what they have in store for you!

But, my Must Do Rides are as follows:

  • Frozen Ever After
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends

There aren’t many rides in Epcot, but these two are my favourites to do there. If you love Frozen then you’ll love Frozen Ever After. It’s a boat ride with a few hidden surprises, with Frozen characters and songs along the way – it’s magical! The Nemo ride is similar to Peter Pan and Little Mermaid in terms of it being quite a chilled out ride, for all ages, taking you through the story of this awesome film. Most times of year there isn’t much of a queue for this ride so you might not need to fast pass it, but Frozen you’ll definitely wanna try and get a fast pass. It’s still pretty new, and so Frozen is sooo popular, it always has a long wait.

There are a couple of other rides I wanna mention because I know they’re popular. Test Track, which is actually pretty cool, I’ve only been on this ride once but I did really enjoy it. The queue is normally long but it’s very interactive, you get to design your own car and then you compete with people to see who’s is best on the ride.

Also, Soarin’ Around the World. Now admittedly I haven’t been on this. I couldn’t even tell you why..( I told you, I’m disappointed in myself with my lack of Epcot experience). But this is a lot of the regulars fave ride in this park. It’s a 4D ride that takes you over all parts of the world, the cool part is that it includes smells from those places too.

Must See…

One thing I did appreciate greatly at Epcot was its firework show. Illuminations is amazing. The first time we visited WDW, we saw Illuminations on our last night and it was the perfect way for us to finish our trip (we did Magic Kingdom, then on to Epcot for our last day), it couldn’t have been anymore magical.

However, Illuminations is ending this year! Sometime pretty soon I believe… but I’m sure whatever it is replaced with in 2020 (I think there is going to be a temporary replacement between Illuminations and the new nighttime spectacular) will be even more amazing, and I can’t wait to see it.

Other tips & bits

Epcot is great for meeting characters! They have spots you can fast pass, and the Mickey and friends one is always a good one to fast pass because you can meet a few characters at once, so definitely consider this if you aren’t doing a character meal!

Epcot also has a lot of good entertainment, other than rides, such a shows and singing. We’ve seen some amazing performances there.

My only other tip, again, is to just fully appreciate the wonders of Epcot. It’s great if you’re on an adults only trip, and if you have kids, there’s always things to keep them busy whilst you’re walking about the different countries too.

I don’t have enough experience or knowledge of Epcot to really say much else to be honest. I just can’t wait to head back there to do it again and take it all in. I definitely want to visit during the food and wine festival because that looks amazing! But I can’t wait to go back at Christmas either!

So that’s it for this series of blogs.. I’ll keep posting about different tips for Disney holidays… I’m planning to get round to doing a Christmas in Orlando one.. but it’s definitely gonna need to have a few parts lol!

I’ve also started a YouTube channel, vlogging my trips and travels, as well as giving tips, and just talking all things Disney. If you could subscribe, I’d be forever grateful! It’s MagicOnMainStreet&More

Speak Soon, Rachel…. x

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