What Apps for Disneyland Paris?

So as the 4 week countdown for my next trip is approaching, I was thinking about what apps I use the most when I go to the parks, and figured it could be a good thing to share with you lovely people!

Let’s start with Disneyland Paris

1. Disneyland Paris app

Now a lot of people forget about the Disneyland Paris app because you don’t need to use it for as many things as you do in Walt Disney World, but it can still be handy. It shows:

  • attractions with wait times, on a map or as a list
  • all dining options
  • locations where you can use your photo pass
  • locations of meet and greets with characters
  • locations of shops, toilets and guest services
  • it also shows opening hours and showtimes for the day
  • gives you links to booking tickets online or the number for booking dining reservations

2. MagiPark

This is another app I like to use at Disneyland Paris for park times. I find it is a little more reliable, and I like that it uses colour to show wait times too which is easy to see if you want a quick glance. (Green for short, orange for medium length and red for a long queue)

It also has a map of the parks and a list of restaurants, which again has a colour scheme to show whether they are open or not. It also shows €, €€, or €€€ for indication of prices and their opening times.

3. PhotoPass

This is the app you’ll need if you are going to purchase a PhotoPass at Disneyland Paris. I have mixed views on the PhotoPass honestly. It’s great if you want ride photos, however the cast members will happily use your phone to take photos for you when you meet characters etc.

We got the PhotoPass last year and it was cool, but whenever we met characters we used our phones too. Luckily because some photos that should have been on our PhotoPass didn’t turn up for some reason. So if you do decide to get one, I’d advise using your phone too, just as a back up!

4. Lineberty

Now this is a new app I’ve just heard about, and apparently it’s like being in a virtual queue. It can be used anywhere that supports Lineberty, and Disneyland Paris is one of those places.

You can use it for pin trading or some meet and greets. I believe you just book your spot, and then it tells you when to come back, so you don’t have to actually stand in line. I’ll be testing it out for sure when I’m there next month and reporting back, so watch this space!

Let me know if you have any other apps you use at Disneyland Paris which may well be beneficial to others, or me!

Over the next couple of days I’ll also go over what apps I use when I visit Orlando…

Speak soon, Rachel x

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