What Apps I use for a trip to Orlando!

So following from my last blog about apps I would use on my trip to Disneyland Paris, here are the apps I like to use for trips to Walt Disney World and other theme parks in Orlando.

Let’s start with the main one, the My Disney Experience app. This app is 100% needed if you are visiting Disney World. It’s amazing. There is so much you can do on this app. Here’s my favourite things about it:

  • Book/modify your fast passes – you can use the app to initially book your fast passes 30/60 days before, use can also use it to modify your fast passes, and if you use your 3 of the day and want to try for another one that can be done on the app too!
  • Book/modify dining reservations – you can search, book and cancel/change your booking for any Disney dining reservations you have!
  • Wait times – you can check out wait times for rides and attractions across all the parks!
  • Mobile ordering – some quick service restaurants and snack bars have a mobile ordering option. You can order on your app and just go to the counter as soon as it’s ready, which is normally quicker than the people waiting in line!
  • Show/Parade Times – you can check times for any shows or parades in the parks that day so you can plan your day or fast passes around them. You can also check our opening times for all parks!
  • Photo pass photos will also be linked to your my Disney Experience app too!

Another app for the Disney parks would be Play Disney. This is an app I haven’t used yet, but it’s gonna be great especially if you have kids! This app allows you to play games at certain points in the parks, mainly while you’re queuing for rides. There’s also achievements you can collect at certain locations around the park. You just have to have your Bluetooth, location and notifications on for this app while you’re there! I can’t wait to have a go of this on my next trip!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used this app and what you think of it!

Other apps I’ll use are Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Seaworld. These apps all pretty much do the same things and are just handy for checking out wait times, opening times, show times and having a park map!

Most parks have pretty good WiFi if you don’t get data on your contract. Honestly the apps are great and we use them all the time while we are there.

If you know any other apps that I should add to my list please comment below!


Rachel… x

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