Christmas in Orlando – Overview

So I wanted to do another series of blog posts regarding my visits to Orlando. I’ve sadly only been to Orlando twice in my life, 2015 and 2017, but both times were for Christmas and New Years… so the busiest time of year!

I wanted to do some posts for each park or certain visits that we make.. the order in which we do things, things we’ve found handy for visiting at this time of year and things that we would maybe try differently when we visit again.

We are planning for our next visit to be in 2020, probably again over the Christmas period.. but then we have plans for 2021 to go in September or early October for the Halloween attractions and decor, and also just to see what a different time of year is like.

Planning trips and researching better ways or other ways to do things is one of my favourite past times, so I’m super excited for both of those trips!

In the mean time I wanna help any of you that have plans to visit Orlando during the magical time of year we call Christmas!

So please follow my posts over the next few days as I talk about the following subjects:

  • Basics – travel, days, where to stay, restaurants, etc
  • WDW
  • Universal
  • Seaworld
  • Busch Gardens
  • Shopping
  • Aquatica

Just talking about this gets me so excited! Hope you guys enjoy….

Rachel x

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