My little trip to Naples, Italy

Last year my mum and I went on a trip to Rome with my mums friend and her daughter, and we loved it so much that we decided to make it an annual thing…

So this year we decided to head to Italy again, but Naples, and another one of their friends wanted to join us too. We had such a great time, and managed to do a lot in the 3 days we were there, including visiting Pompei, Sorrento and Capri. I’ve definitely got some dos and do nots (in my opinion anyway), and also just some tips that might make your trip to Naples a little better!

So please take what you’d like from it, leave any comments or questions you might have below, and just bare in mind that this is all just from what I experienced on my visit to Naples.

Alright, so let’s start with the basics… Travel and Accommodation:

We flew from London Gatwick directly to Naples with EasyJet. This was super easy, we had no problems at all with any of our journey, couldn’t fault a thing. We booked our flights directly through EasyJet back in October, chose to only take hand luggage each and we also did select our seats so that we could guarantee we’d all be sitting together. The only thing that was slightly annoying, and is kinda inconvenient, is the one bag per person for hand luggage. On EasyJet you cannot have a handbag and cabin sized case. We already knew this so was prepared for it but if you’re unaware then it can become a bit of a pain once you get to the gate. Honestly I’m not sure why it makes a difference, your handbag goes under the seat in front of you and the cabin bag goes in the overhead storage so it honestly baffles me.

Anyway, once we got to Naples passport control was nice and quiet so made that easy, you could go through the electronic machines or just line up to show someone your passport. We were off pretty quick as we sat near the fronted the plane so both had short queues when we arrived in the building. No bags to collect for us so it was straight through arrivals and followed signs for the exit and taxis. We had previously spoken to the guy who owned the property we were staying in and he had advised us it was easy to get a taxi from the airport to our apartment, and was only about a 10 minute journey. This may be something you want to check when you book your accommodation etc as Naples is quite a big city. Buses were also available but we arrived pretty late, around 11pm, so a taxi was the easiest thing for us.

We booked our accommodation on and it was great. I couldn’t really fault the apartment at all. It was spacious, considering there were 5 of us sharing, we had so much room! The master bedroom which my mum and I had was probably bigger than the whole apartment we had for 4 of us last year in Rome! It was very clean and tidy, and had all the facilities we needed, including a small kitchen and decent sized bathroom. The only issue we did find with this apartment was that where the building was very old some of our new European adapters didn’t seem to fit in the plug sockets which is very odd. Also if you’re travelling with children or a baby it might not be great for you as it was up a few flights of stairs and there is no lift available. We regards to location, it was alright. Honestly, there didn’t seem to be much around where we were staying, even in regards to restaurants, we just didn’t seem to find that much. However, we were only a 10 minute walk to the nearest subway and there was a taxi rank about 5 minutes away. So overall I’d definitely recommend this apartment, it was also very reasonably priced, the host was great and super helpful, it just may not be the best location. I’ll drop a link below of the apartment on…

There is a great pizza place next door to the apartment entrance which you also get a discount at!

Day One – Pompei and Sorrento day trip

Luckily not a super early start for us on day one, our first night turned into a pretty late one! We were getting picked up for our Pompei and Sorrento tour at 9.40am from a spot about a 3 minute walk away from our apartment which was awesome. We pre-booked this tour online through Viator. I’ll drop a link here…

The bus at that picked us up was lovely, super clean and new, and we started our 30 min trip to Pompei. Once we’d picked others up along the way, we got to Pompei at around 10.45am and they started by giving us 15 minutes free time to grab a drink, go to the toilet or have a look around the souvenir stalls that were in the area. We met with our tour guide, got our headphones and off we went. The tour of Pompei was awesome, I loved it. Having a guide is so nice so you can hear more in detail about certain things, and you know the best bits to look at… because Pompei was way bigger than we expected and you can walk around all of it, so it was nice to have someone guide us around the most famous buildings etc. The tour was around 2 hours, and at certain points we had some free time to take photos or have a look around the area a bit more which was cool, and we got to see the theatre, thermal baths and brothel. We also got to see Mt Vesuvius and the collection of original items they have from the tragic disaster in Pompei all those years ago. Most of the valuable original items are in the Museum in Naples to be kept safe.

After the tour, we had a pizza lunch ready for us, that was included in our day trip price, before we headed to Sorrento. The pizza was amazing. Definitely one if the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Delicious. I’ll stick a picture here just so you can imagine the taste a little more…

Unfortunately one of the adults in our tour group disappeared for 10 minutes and our guide had to find him *eye-roll* which meant our lunch was very rushed and we had to hurry back onto the bus for our journey to Sorrento. Now, the Pompei part of our trip I honestly couldn’t fault, the guide was great, we enjoyed the tour & apart from the lack of time to actually enjoy our lunch, the food itself was amazing. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the second part of our day trip. Sorrento itself was beautiful. We stopped at a cool view point before we reached the town to take some pictures of the coastline, we walked down some of the beautiful cobble streets and again out into a view of the coast. But that was all we got to experience in Sorrento, which was such a shame because it seemed like such an amazing place. From getting off the bus, to being back on, we’d only been allowed an hour there. We got rushed through the shops and the guide didn’t really want to stop for us to go in any. We had 10 minutes free time once we got to the view of the coast, basically enough time to take some photos and use the toilet, and we weren’t even allowed to stop for an ice cream heading back to the bus! The issue was really that they just don’t allow enough time in Sorrento, and that part of the trip felt very rushed compared to the time we had in Pompei. But we still loved visiting there and are glad we did that specific trip.

Day Two – Capri day trip

This was an earlier morning so after dinner nearby to our apartment we had an early night. Now our day trip to Capri was also pre-booked online and it was a DIY day trip. Basically you pay for certain activities and they give you an itinerary to follow, but the timings and additional things you do are completely flexible. I personally loved this method of day trip! That can be found here:

The ferry to and from Capri wasn’t included in the price of the day trip *and is quite expensive so can add quite a bit onto the price of your day out*, you can book this ferry online or just purchased your ticket at the port. There were a lot of times available all throughout the day, however I am assuming it can get very busy so booking online might be a better option to guarantee you get the time you want. We got the 9.10am ferry from Naples to Capri, (it takes around 45 mins on a fast one), and we found that was early enough to enjoy the tour. FYI the see was SO rough and like half the boat was being sick, the crew were throwing bags everywhere. So if you’re a little dodge on boats, take a tablet like I did lol *phew*.

The first activity on our tour was a island tour by boat. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the famous Blue Grotto due to the rough seas but it was still a cool trip. Very cold, windy and bumpy but that added to the excitement and laughter! We then caught a bus to Anacapri where we had an included 3 course meal which was decent & had a look around a few of the cute shops there. It was then time to experience the scariest chairlift I’ve ever been on ๐Ÿ˜‚.

This was again included in the tour price and was the highlight of my day. It starts of pretty comfortable, then got very steep towards the top. I’m pretty good with thrill activities, but even I had to put my camera away and hold on to the small seat we had. It was a windy day, which made the last few minutes of trip to the top quite difficult, it’s 13 minutes each way. Now just a heads up, you cannot stay on and come straight back down. We did try to do that as one of our group were terrified and thought getting off at the top was going to make it worse but they made us get off. And I’m glad they did. The view at the top was amazing. It is a beautiful coastline and completely worth the few minutes of nervousness! The trip back down was less intense I felt, and you have a great view the whole time.

We were then supposed to have a bus back down to Capri where we’d then catch the Funicular (a tram type thing), however for some reason our bus driver took us all the way back down to the Marina so we missed that last little bit on the tram. We didn’t really mind, and I’m not sure there was anything we could do about it. We could have got a ticket to go up in the Funicular and then come back down again but we were more than satisfied to miss it after doing the chairlift. We had a slower look around the shops down by the marina, brought our return ferry ticket for the time we wanted, and just hung around in a cafe until then.

It was a very chilled type of day trip, which we really enjoyed. The flexibility and activities included were great and we’d definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to visit Capri for the day.

Once we got back to Naples, luckily the ferry back wasn’t as bad, we had a walk around, found some shops, including a Disney Store, and grabbed some food in a restaurant near the Castle. So I mentioned earlier about how it seemed hard to find restaurants where we had our apartment, but it was similar even in this area. We walked around for a bit trying to find one, but once we had we then saw a few together. Also hard to find Ice Cream in Naples! But we asked someone and used good old google maps to find our way to some amazing ice cream to finish off our night!

Day three – chill & travel home

We had a real lazy morning, packed and then just spend some time around the area we were staying in. Had a look in some of the small local shops, and went inside the church that was opposite our apartment block. I love visiting churches in Italy, they’re always so beautiful.

We’d arranged a taxi the night before for our journey to the airport so we were guaranteed a car to fit all 5 of us. Again a quick and easy journey, no complications at the airport, it was all pretty straight forward. And before I knew it we were back at London Gatwick.

We had such an amazing trip, so many laughs and memories made. We already started getting some options together of where we are going next year! If you have any questions about anything we did, please drop a comment below and I’d be happy to try and help!

If you got this far, thanks for reading! And please email subscribe so you can check out my future blogs and follow me on Instagram so you can see stories and photos from previous and upcoming trips @absoluterachel ๐Ÿ˜†

Speak Soon! Rachel xo

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