Blackpool | Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Gotta love a Bank Holiday! We actually decided to work on Saturday morning but had plans to drive up to Blackpool after work and spend a couple of nights there with some friends.

A completely random choice. We just hadn’t been there in I think 5 years and really enjoyed it before. Plus its not too expensive and theres lots of fun things to do! We were SO lucky with the weather.. I had no idea it was going to be that sunny when we booked so that was a massive bonus!

Just thought I’d give you an outline on what we did, where we stayed etc in case any of you fancied a trip up there…

Travel… We drove up & I’ve been told by plenty of people already that we’re mad. Yes its a 4.5 hour drive for us. Yes it was only for 2 nights. But we actually like driving, and I think because of our job we are used to travelling a lot and being on the motorway, and we are totally cool with it lol. But maybe you’d prefer to get a train, coach… who knows!


Accommodation… Blackpool is full of B&Bs. Literally they are everywhere. We just went on and searched for B&Bs near the Pleasure Beach, had a look at reviews and photos, narrowed it down to 2 and then let one of our friends pic which one he preferred (luckily it was the same one I was also leaning towards ha!) Ours was called South Shore & I’ll drop a link below. It was about a 2 minute walk 2 Pleasure Beach which was fab, and about 1.5 miles from Blackpool Tower. That might not be ideal for everyone but we were happy to walk down the beach each day towards the Tower if we wanted to go around that area (restaurants, arcades, shops, etc). There’s a lot to do and see inbetween so if you’re happy to walk then its ideal. Because we had the sun all weekend we were more than happy to walk bath and forth each day!

The B&B itself was super clean and tidy. The rooms were perfect for us and we also had private bathrooms (some of the bedrooms are shared bathrooms so be aware of that when booking). The staff were also very friendly, they couldn’t do enough for you.

Saturday Night… We arrived at about 6pm, checked in, got changed & headed out for dinner and drinks. We took the walk down towards Blackpool Tower and decided we fancied fish and chips being at the seaside and all, so we got a table in Harry Ramsdens. Unfortunately it was not a great experience for us.. the food was great, couldn’t complain about the food, but the service we had was not good. We waited 20 minutes before our drink order had even been taken… then we wanted over an hour for our food. FYI it wasn’t busy. I went to speak to who I assumed was the manager as he was out on the restaurant floor and he then advised me that our food order wasn’t even in the kitchen. He was very apologetic and couldn’t do more for us. We got our dinner and all our drinks for free!

We then had a couple of drinks in bars along the seafront before heading to Revolutions for a fun night out. It was way quieter than we expected for Easter Weekend but we had a great night. Honestly we couldn’t find many places that had music and dancing, Revolution was the only place, but that worked out just fine for us. It was only £2 entry, drink prices weren’t too bad and it was within walking distance to our B&B.

Sunday – Pleasure Beach… We purchased our tickets online for Pleasure Beach within enough time for our wristbands to be sent out to us prior to our trip. If you don’t have your wristbands, you can either pick them up or purchase your tickets at the Ticket Centre by the park entrance, and this normally opens 30 mins before the park.

A weird thing with this theme park is that the rides open at staggered times thoughout the moring. When we were there, the park opened at 10am but no rides opened until 10.30am. We jumped in a queue for one of the main rides but unfortunately we picked the wrong one as it kept breaking down and didn’t actually open for quite a while. Again, not a great experience for us as the staff didn’t really communicate too much as to what was going on, so we decided to leave the line and take a quick trip to Guest Services to explain what had happened.. They gave us some fast passes to use on other rides to make up the time we had just wasted.

Anyway, the rides at Pleasure Beach, if you haven’t been, are hilarious. Most of them are very old school, some dating back to the 1920s, and are just a different type of ride to what you are normally used to. FYI the older rides hurt. They throw you around a lot, expect slight whiplash, potentially sore knees, hips and backs haha! But saying that they are also just so funny. Some of my favourites include: The Big One (Pepsi Max), The Big Dipper and Grand National. There are now some newer rides too, and the newest one is honestly one of the best rides I think I’ve ever been on.. yes including Orlando… it’s called Icon and had a great weightless feeling which I love, and it was just so smooth (which was great after all the bumping around on the older rides)! I also LOVE the water ride at Pleasure Beach. It’s called Vahalla and it’s just epic. The theming is amazing. You have no clue what’s going to happen and when. And you honestly get soaked. They do sell some cheap ponchos in the queue if you don’t fancy getting as wet as the people you can see getting off!


Food options within the park are great too. There’s a Burger King, but also a place called Coasters which has amazing Mexican food, honestly my burrito was delicious. There are also little stalls with hot dogs, nachos, burgers, fries, fish n chips, etc. Lots and lots of choice.

We spent the rest of the evening having some drinks in The Velvet Coaster – which is the nicest Weatherspoons I’ve ever been in, with beautiful balcony seating which is perfect for those summer evenings. We also went to Coral Island which is a huge arcade and had some fun in there winning tickets etc.


Monday… We had to check out by 10am so had a little lay in & packed up the car. *Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that when you pick a B&B you might want to also take parking into consideration. Our B&B didn’t have parking available, a lot of them don’t, but we did find a very lucky space a road away, and there are some open car parks dotted around which you can hopefully find a space in* 

We stopped in ‘Spoons for brunch before making our way to Blackpool Tower. My hubby, Craig, had already decided he was not coming up there lol but James, Jaron and I wanted to head to the top. Actually Jaron was not so keen but he wanted to try it out! If you have a Merlin Pass then entry to the Tower Eye is included, if not its about £15 on the door. The lift takes you 380 feet up where you have a 360 degree observation deck which also includes an area with a glass floor! This was actually a little scary at first, taking that first step on was not easy.. then you either get used to it and are comfortable, or you hate it and won’t be going back on it again! Oh also, the lift is an outdoor lift so can definitely be uncomfortable for some!

Jaron was fine on the covered floor, and had a little walk around the main deck, but he couldn’t get completely comfortable and felt much more at ease sitting down away from the windows. James and I had some fun on the glass floor & then ventured up the the two higher, outdoor observation decks. The view of the beach was pretty, especially on the beautiful clear day that we had – however I found there wasn’t too much too look at so you might not spend a lot of time up there.


We then just had a mooch around the shopping centre, Craig instantly mentioned there was a Disney store once we got back down on the ground, so of course I couldn’t resist but to go and have a little look in there. After a drink and some ice cream we decided we were ready to head home 🙂

Not the most exciting blog I know, but if any of you have any questions about a trip to Blackpool, or if you have any other tips of what to do in Blackpool then please comment below!

Thanks for reading if you’ve got this far, and I’d really appreciate it if you would give this post a like and hit the subscribe button. Or head over to Instagram and follow me on there @absoluterachel

Speak soon guys…Rachel     xo

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