My 5 Favourite Things to do in Disneyland Paris

I wanted to talk about things I love to do in Disneyland Paris, other than the rides!

Even though DLP is a small park in comparison to Walt Disney World, there are still cool things you can do that may be a little different, or that you’ve missed before – maybe just not as many.

So, here we go, in no particular order…

Number 1

If magic hours start at 8.30am, you can enter the Disneyland Park at 8am to stroll down Main Street USA. This may be my favourite thing to do. Not many people know you can enter at 8am, so its super quiet and just so magical.
This is a perfect time to get gorgeous shots of the castle. The last time we went, we pretty much had a photo shoot until it started to get a little busier (and more embarrassing ha!). We had so much fun taking loads of photos from the band stand, down Main Street and right outside the Castle.
This is something we would do at least one morning every time we visit. It’s in my must dos for sure!

Number 2

Character. Breakfast.
What more can I say? A delicious buffet and characters. It’s amazing. You will find a lot of mixed reviews regarding Plaza Gardens in the Disneyland Park, but we love it!
We all enjoy a standard buffet breakfast, because we aren’t in to fancy food or anything like that. And I personally don’t even normally eat breakfast, but I always know I’m going to enjoy a few things at this buffet.
Food options include – meats, cheese, bread, pastries, fruit, sausages, bacon, eggs, potatoes (which are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) and I’m pretty sure theres more. It’s a buffet so you can go up as much as you want within your time slot (which I believe is 90 mins), and that also feels like plenty of time to eat and see all the characters.
The characters go to every table at least once, depending on how busy it is, and have great interactions with everyone… even if you’re a group of adults ha!
I just think it’s a great way to meet some characters as well as filling yourself up for the day… well until I see some Mickey shaped snacks anyway!

Number 3

I dunno about you guys but I’m a sucker for good fireworks… and nowhere does fireworks as good as Disney.
When we visit DLP we never really go a night without seeing some fireworks. We’ll probably watch the main projection show with fireworks on the Castle at least twice, and then the show and fireworks over at Walt Disney Studio Park at least once.
Now there is more projection work than fireworks at DLP due to residents complaining of the noise every night, (ugh!), but its still an amazing show and it gets me right in the feels every time.
I know the fireworks are always at park closing, which if you visit the park in the more summer months can be around 11pm, but if you can keep those little kiddos up it’s definitely worth it. If they’re quite young, it might be a good idea to let them go back and have a nap during the day at some point to make sure they’re up for the fireworks at least one night of your trip!

Number 4

Don’t leave with the crowds at park closing. I personally can never decide whether I like the Castle more in the daytime or nighttime. I think I love them both equally, because they’re both just magical views in such different ways.
So the way we get to Disneyland park at 8am (30 mins before magic hours officially start) to enjoy a quiet daytime Main Street USA and Castle, we do the same thing at night!
You do not have to rush out of the park with all the crowds as soon as the fireworks finish! Take your time, chill by the beautifully lit Castle while everyone else leaves, then you can get some of the best evening Castle and Main Street photos. Plus you get to take it all in, and have a much nicer walk back to your hotel. Last time we did this, we were probably in the park nearly an hour after closing time! Extra park time? YES PLEASE!

Number 5

Enjoy the shows/parades they offer. Especially if you’re like us, at Disney with no kids.. Don’t have the impression that you won’t enjoy the more kiddie things! We normally love them.
In Walt Disney Studios Park, I would definitely advise you see Mickey and the Magician. This show is amazing. Kids will love it. Adults will love it. It’s magical. Always on my “must see” list!
Also, whatever the special season is whilst you’re there, for example we had lots of Star Wars themed shows going on all throughout the day at the Walt Disney Studios Park. I know at the moment its all Marvel themed. Whatever it is, enjoy the little shows that they do, they’re always fun to see!
In the Disneyland Park, you MUST watch the parade at least once on your visit. Have a research of the spot that might be best for you, whether that be by Its a Small World, which is where it usually starts/finishes, or if you prefer to be near the Castle or on Main Street like us… but get to that spot nice and early with some snacks, sit and enjoy the whole parade. The floats are amazing, plus you might be lucky enough for the dancers or character to interact with you! On our last visit my friend got a hug from Kristoff!

I hope this helps you guys plan for your next trip, and maybe see/do somethings you haven’t done before! Let me know in the comments below what you love to do in DLP!

Speak soon
Rachel xo

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